Stunningly beautiful Maldives


It started with a dream of huts over tranquil coral filled water with waves slowly hitting the steps below. Waking up to brilliantly coloured tropical fish swimming around you, able to be seen from every window of your luxury villa. Ahhhh a dream I have come to realise many of us seem to share.

So when I got the chance to visit the Maldives where this dream is pictured to be, I was excited and cautious because how could the water seriously be that colour in real life, how could the reality be as spectacular as all those pictures I have seen in my glossy travel magazines. Every time I mentioned to someone that I was heading to the Maldives I was met with a far away look of that dream of paradise.


Excitedly I set off on my trip and, after a stopover in Singapore, I am finally on the last part of my journey to this island paradise. Glancing excitedly out the window, after a few hours I was greeted by nothing but endless ocean. Then, like a 6 star feast for my eyes, there it is right in front of me – even better than the pictures.

As I flew in to the Maldives I was fortunate enough to be held up in the sky and delayed from landing for 30 minutes. “Fortunate” you ask, and yes is the answer – the plane kept circling around the islands and WOW, what a perspective. The 100 different types of blue waters mixed with white sands and tropical green is an incredible view, and each strip of land is home to a luxury resort or local villages.

Upon landing, a 20-minute speed boat ride to Adaaran Huvafen fushi resort, where I am politely guided to my awaiting golf buggy. Already I could feel, smell and touch the beauty and energy that is the Maldives. It is going to be 6 nights of this island paradise with an edge.


During the ride, my own “butler” Deepak, drove me through the sand-hugging beach huts that were only 20 metres to the waters edge. Hmmmm, I wonder where the ocean villas are. We quickly turned a corner and headed onto our own private pier for the first glimpse of the overwater villas. I lost my breath for an instant as it was truly another WOW moment and I couldn’t contain my excitement. Blessed with bright sunshine, it was a jaw dropping sight as the villas were perched side-by-side, sunbaking in the turquoise water.

I picked up my key from the best office view in the world, a fully glassed hut at the end of the pier surrounded by serenity.


Deepak was already proving to be a wonderful host and shows me the features of the Ocean villa. With a fusion of Asian & Island décor the villa, was beautifully decked out with sliding bamboo blinds, wood grain floors and a waterfall shower with the best view I have ever seen from a bathroom! From the bathroom you stepped out onto your own private deck overlooking the water and fitted out with a breakfast table and deck chairs and leading to your private stairs into what felt like your own special piece of ocean. As I stepped into the water, vibrant yellow and black tropical fish hovering around the steps greeted me, as they did most days.


The Ocean Villas had their own breakfast restaurant situated at the beginning of the pier. I was already in blue bliss until I had the pleasure of the most delightful little bite sized island breakfast that was accompanied by “the dream” view. Turquoise to royal blue water in front of me, and an aquarium of brightly coloured fish and fascinating sea creatures. This would have been enough, but I should also highlight the lovely, kind-hearted Maldivian people who looked after me during my stay and always with a smile. It was lovely to get to know them and hear their stories of growing up on the sand atolls of the Maldives.

Throughout the day there was plenty of water sports to do on the island – snorkeling, diving, banana boat rides, jet skis and speedboat hire, to fishing trips and even a submarine ride. It was an idyllic combination of rest, relaxation, stunning views, calm serenity and lots of water fun thrown in.

The Maldives is really such a unique experience and, if you have the opportunity to travel there, I would recommend without hesitation spending the extra to indulge in an overwater villa. It was truly memorable and such a special treat that I will treasure always. This trip was one off my bucket list and it surpassed all my dreams.

Blog Article by Hayley