Why a weekend away is ESSENTIAL for your health!

There are many of us that like the idea of a relaxing weekend away somewhere nice, but we very rarely indulge ourselves with this delight and instead remain in the confinements of our houses or apartments for the weekend. There are actually a number of reasons why weekend breaks away are a positive influence on our mental, physical and emotional health...

1) They allow you to SWITCH-OFF

It is fundamental for machines (such as your laptop or phone) to get turned off once in a while in order for them to function effectively and reduce the risk of bugs. As humans we are no different, working too hard for prolonged periods of time will result a lack of production in the work place. This is un-productive, can induce stress related issues and may even lead to depression.

2) Having a break from work is good for your MENTAL HEALTH

Not allowing yourself to have a proper break can have negative effects on your emotional, physical and mental health. Doing the same thing for too long can become tiresome, emotionally draining and can lead to depression and anxiety. You'll feel less stressed and better in yourself by coming back fresh from a relaxing weekend away.

3)  You work HARDER when you return!

'Work hard, play hard' - this saying that gets thrown around often but do most of us ever abide by it? Most of us work hard but rarely reward ourselves for our efforts except for once or twice a year. But why not get some fresh air by visiting the great outdoors? Or take a day of leave and have long weekend somewhere you've always wanted to visit? On returning from your weekend away you'll find yourself working more productively with a fresh set of 'work eyes'.


Indulging yourself with occasional weekends away is MUCH cheaper than booking a week-long vacation. Depending on how you prefer to travel, hotels generally start from around $150 - $200 for a weekend break, that's the equivalent of around 10 cocktails! ($15 cocktails, which I have paid for before.)


The most important reason you should take a long weekend away - YOU DESERVE IT! Don't wait for your two-week vacation period once or twice a year in order to enjoy yourself - we're on this planet for a very brief time you deserve to enjoy all of the amazing things it has to offer! 

If you want any recommendations for weekend breaks away please do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly staff today! We can get you cheaper rates than those available online and have exclusive access to a variety of packages and amenities.

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