How to PAMPER yourself while FLYING at 40,000ft...

We all know the stress that flying can have on our skin. With the dryness, bad food and lack of sleep it's no wonder most of us don't particularly feel 'fresh' when coming from a 14 hour flight. So, here are a few tips and tricks on how to pamper yourself while in the sky to make you feel a little fresher...

1) Don't wear full makeup on the plane - Try to avoid wearing full-face makeup on the plane. In stead, bring it with you in 100ml bottles (see step 6). It's better to try and let your skin breath plus it will be easier to take off when following steps 2 and 3.

2) Bring cotton pads and makeup remover - I always bring cotton pads and makeup remover (or wipes if I'm feeling lazy) in 100ml bottles so that I can take my make up off and give it some TLC while flying. Don't worry of the person next to you thinks you're a little crazy, they really couldn't care less and they'll probably be watching a movie or will be falling asleep soon anyway.

3) Moisturiser and a face mask in 100ml travel bottles - Bring a good moisturiser and a face mask (preferably a intense moisture mask) that you can leave on for the duration of the trip and use the face mask as and when you like, then simply rinse off in the toilet ( or leave it on!). This will make up for the lack of moisture in the air and your skin will thank you too!

5) Drink LOTS of water - Hydration is always of vital importance while travelling. The dryness is usually caused by the levels of recycled air being used in the cabin and this can vary. Make sure you drink plenty of water while travelling and keep hydrated throughout the duration of your flight.

6) Bring a BB cream, mascara and lip balm in your purse (in 100ml travel sizes) - bring your makeup essentials in a small purse or travel bag. These can be used to touch up your make up in the bathroom of the airplane or at the airport of your chosen destination. (Please note: this rule only applies to those like myself, who feel more confident with a bit of mascara/bb cream on).

7) Bring an eye mask and earplugs - Sleep is a vital part of any beauty routine as the body produces more of the stress hormone 'cortisol' when sleep deprived and this can reduce the skins health. Make sure you bring a good quality eye mask and earplugs in order to get your much needed beauty sleep while travelling. 

8) Bring a good travel cushion - A good travel cushion, is in my opinion, never a wasted product to purchase. It will increase overall comfort and help with sleep - this is a very useful item to bring with you while travelling!

I hope you enjoyed these travelling beauty tips! Please contact one of our friendly team members today to start planning your next adventure!

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